Management program for leakage test stands

This PC-based system is composed of several Hardware interfaces equipped with
electronic cards of our production that can manage in a standard installation:

The system can be expanded and personalized based on the needs of the client because
the machine has been designed to be versatile and therefore suited to the greatest variety
of requirements for Automatic an End of Line Test Stands for Quality Control.

The machine is controlled by a software developed in Windows so that you can take
advantage of all the innovations Microsoft can offer to the user.

The WINVALVE program is designed for easy use, because we believe that a software
designed for industrial application, especially if it is designed for Quality Control, and
therefore the End-of-Line Test Stand, should be a tool for improving the quality of the
products and industrial processes and not an obstacle.

The work environment is completely configurable by the client for the following:

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You can enter any number of automatic cycles that are completely configurable
as far as execution times, digital controls, operating controls, fault messages,
control of external devices, etc.

But what makes it universal for industrial applications is the fact that it is equipped
with a structure for setting operating procedures that allows you to skip from the
execution of one cycle to another base on IF...THEN...ELSE conditions that can be
entered on any analog or digital channel within each step of each cycle.
As a result, the software is both powerful and versatile and can be suited to 
any requirement.

If the system is used as an end-of-line test stand, it can include the following:

The software includes a diagnostics menu to test the operation of the system or to
manually simulate any automatic cycle.

This system has been used to produce a leakage test stand utilized by a company
that produces reduction units for methane gas for automotive purposes.

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Together with its partner companies, Tecno EL also produces the mechanics and
pneumatic system of the test stand. The result is a fully automatic machine, where the
operator need only to insert the piece to test inside a protected bos, managed by a
CE-approved safety limit stop which will prevent it from opening during the test, and
to control the start of the test by pressing two buttons simultaneously.

The machine carries out the following:

All this just by pressing a button!

For all of its complex functions, this equipment is designed for anyone who needs to control
the seal of their products, such as manufacturers of solenoid valves, cylinders, reduction units,
tanks, etc.

The system shown is extremely innovative because it enhances a sector, that until the
new European standards on quality control were established, was never obligated to
perform inspections on the final product, and there were no approved machines to perform
these controls, but only sporadic applications.  Now, however, certification of each piece
is required. The piece has to be marked and included with a test certificate providing the
data, recorded values and final result.