Company Profile

With headquarters in Cento (Ferrara, Italy), the Tecno EL Company claims fifteen
years experience in the field of endothermic and electric motor test rooms and
in developing systems for the final inspection of production process and quality control.
Tecno El now introduces a new line of products to to meet the most wide-ranging needs.
These new devices, called "Compact-ACQ" have been designed according to a modular
system and produced inside 19"/3U rack containers.

This design has resulted in systems that take up a minimum amount of space,
while offering a high degree of versatility. By simply inserting the signal conditioning
card (mV, mA, V, temperature probes in general) or digital I/O management cards of our
design and production, you can acquire and process a wide range of control and
command instruments, such as photocells, all types of sensor (temperature, pressure,
torque, rpm, flow rate, current, voltage, etc.), encoders, linear potentiometers, and so on,
which are more and more essential to an efficient production process.

All our systems are manufactured in accordance with
the most recent IEC standards and inspected at our laboratories using the designated
testing equipment. Each system is then accompanied by a Conformity Booklet  declaring CE approval.
These systems are targeted to all sectors that require testing and inspection of the finished product,
end-of-line quality control and automating of the production process.
The devices are currently used in many sectors with a variety of applications.

In the field of motors -- endothermic and electric -- Tecno EL produces data acquisition systems
for motor test rooms both with microprocessor logic and with stations controlled by industrial PCs.
These systems can be interfaced with hydraulic brakes or eddy currents of any make, either new or
In this case, our technicians will perform a simple adjustment of the brake by inserting a load cell
in place of the now outmoded needle scale and a magnetic pick-up with phonic wheel for determining
the brake rpm. At a small expense, this solution makes it possible to modernize and re-use any brake
considered "obsolete," and by interfacing it with one of our acquisition systems, you can set up a motor
test room appropriate to your production or research requirements.

TECNO EL has sophisticated measuring equipment certified by S.I.T. for the calibration of measuring
instruments and offers its clients a service to check and calibrate equipment they currently own, even if
this equipment is not of recent manufacture.
The company also modernizes motor test rooms that require legally approved systems or new sensors
such as force transducers of the strain gauge type, thermocouples, pressure transducers, etc.

Our company also designs industrial electrical systems, electrical panels for third parties, automation
of industrial processes for the product quality control and a variety of other types of systems for teaching
and training, for the technical evaluation on electronic injection systems for automobiles equipped
with Magneti, Marelli or Bosch systems.