Management Software for Endothermic Motor Test Rooms

" HERCULES " software operates in  WINDOWS 3.1x, 95/98, and is the
outcome of our technicians' valuable experience in the field.
The result is a program that is well-designed, reliable and easy to use.

When interfaced with the suitable hardware of our production, this software
performs the management of endothermic motor test stands allowing the execution
of completely personalized automatic cycles.

" HERCULES " software is highly versatile and can manage many data
acquisition cards at the same time. So, based on the needs of the client,
we can supply the acquisition program expanded to 16, 32, 64 channels
without without altering the logic or the use of the program by the operator.
This manual is therefore valid for all HERCULES systems.

The software manages directly, by means of windows with graphic tools,
the interfacing of external hardware devices which  allow the test of the motor
to be carried out at the stand, brake feeder and actuator, both as regards the
operating logic and external analogue references.

All memorized data, in automatic or manual, can be printed in a final test certificate.

Thanks to a plotting software of our production called " CUBE4 ", you can trace
the curves for the motor undergoing testing and compare them on the same graph.

To enter the HERCULES work environment, carry out these easy steps:

  1. Enter the WINDOWS operating system
  2. Select the icon of the group of "HERCULES" programs (endothermic motor test stand)
  3. Select the icon of the "HERCULES" program
  4. Using the "CUBE4" software, you can print out the Inspection Report and the personalized graphs.


Once you have entered the "HERCULES" environment,
all the functions of the software will be available.

  1. System configuration
    (full scale, measuring units, labels, number of decimals for each parameter)
  2. Entering of formulas for calculation
  3. Rating parameters setting
  4. Setting of alarm and pre-alarm thresholds on every parameter
  5. Creation of work page (Desktop)
  6. Automatic cycles setting
  7. Test runs in manual or automatic cycle
  8. Creation of fully personalized report print-outs ("CUBE4" software)
  9. Creation of fully personalized graphics  ("CUBE4" software)