Art. 104

Antijamming wheels braking Bosch (A.B.S.) with four detectors plants simulator

The simulator system we offer (A.B.S. 2B produced by Bosch) is
composed of a traditional TANDEM brake pump.
The two outputs of the brake pump, each controlling diagnally a front
and back wheel, are connected to a hydraulic power unit and
consequently to a 4 solenoid valves with 3 positions:

Pressure gauges and Digital displays of revolutionsHydraulic pump unit and A.B.S. electric power unit

The solenoid valves receive a command by current from the
electronic power unit.
The hydraulic power unit also incorporates the following:

The electronic circuit is composed of the following:

Technical features

The technical characteristic of trainer are:

On the front side are located:

In the back side of the trainer, inside the door,
there are housed switches which can simulate
several faults occuring in the vehicle.

Simulations switches


This teaching panel simulates endless braking conditions
of a car.
As a matter of fact, several actual cases of a braking car
can be accurately simulated by using the proper controls.

Types of simulations: