Compact ACQ05 System

Leakage Test Stand

The Compact ACQ05 is an microprocessor instrument for
leakage test stand contained in a 19"/3U rack.
the user interface comprises a 240x128 backlit pixel transflective
monitor and 16-key keyboard and the front of the instrument is protected
by an adhesive film in a water- and oil-resistant material.

Compact ACQ05 technical data

This microprocessor system has been designed to determine microleakages
during the final inspection from objects such as methane gas pressure regulators
or any other product whose quality must be certified and quantify the extent
of the microleakages.

This instrument can be combined with a test stand produced by Tecno EL or
by the client with our specifications, including:

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The software is designed in-house by our technicians and can be adapted to
meet the varying needs of the client.

The standard configuration system allows the user to:

In addition, the system: