Compact ACQ04 System

Hourly consumption meter

The Compact-ACQ04 is a microprocessor consumption tester for motor test rooms.
Contained in a 19"/3U rack, its user interface comprises a 240x128 backlit pixel
transflective monitor and a keyboard with a 16-key matrix.
The system is based on the gravimetric principle and can be connected to a
mechanical scale of any make, old or new, provided it has a load cell for
determining the fuel weight.

Tecno EL can also supply the above consumption mechanics built according
to the specifications of the client.

An example of one of our consumption mechanical devices is shown in the photo below.

Zoom Picture

The instrument allows you to do the following:

For more advanced and complex applications, a software version complete with
serial protocol that can communicated with our "Hercules" software for motor test rooms,
developed in a Windows environment, or with any other system the client has.

In any software configuration, the Compact ACQ04 instrument is structured
as shown in the image at side.

Compact ACQ04 technical data

This device, which interfaces with the Compact-ACQ02
(Cycle Programmer) and Compact-ACQ03
allows you to set up a complete microprocessor system
for the management of your motor test room.
And by using this system, you can switch to our
fully-compatible PC-based systems at anytime.