Compact ACQ03 System

Rpm-Torque-Power-Temperature-Pressure Acquisition Device

The Compact-ACQ03 is an acquisition device operating with microprocessor for motor test rooms.
Contained in a 19"/3U rack, its user interface comprises a 240x128 backlit pixel transflective
monitor and 16-key keyboard.
Despite its small size, this system can  perform the following functions:

This sytem can be interfaced with a software package in a Windows environment
called CAPTURE. The software allows all memorized data to be transferred to any PC,
in RS232 mode, and transformed into an EXCEL file.
By using Capture software at all times, you can store, study, process, make personalized
graphs and inspection reports using all the functions and features of Windows.

Zoom picture
Compact ACQ03 technical data

Pictured below is the rear of the device. Note that it includes 6 separate panels so that
they can be replaced or modified without having to revolutionize the machine, in this
way allowing  you to personalize or expand any ACQ module simply and rapidly.

At rear of the standard Compact ACQ03 instrument are  following panels:

As you can see, the system can be easily expanded as needed.

This device, which interfaces with the Compact-ACQ02
(Cycle Programmer.) and Compact-ACQ04 (Hourly Consumption),
allows you to set up a complete microprocessor system for the management
of your motor test room.
And by using this system, you can switch to our fully-compatible PC-based systems at anytime.