Compact ACQ02 System

Automatic Cycle Programmer

The Compact-ACQ02 system is a microprocessor cycle programmer for motor test rooms.
Contained in a 19"/3U rack, its user interface is a 240x128 backlit pixel transflective monitor
and 16-key keyboard.
The system allows the user to set and perform automatic cycles for power and running in as
the device can control the control instrument of the motor test room, brake feeder and actuator
of any make and model as far as the reference sets and external controls for operation.

Compact ACQ02 technical data

You can set up to 20 cycles of 10 steps each.
For every step, the following can be defined:

You can also modify or delete memorized cycles by accessing the Settings menu.
The system can perform 1or 2 consecutive cycles as follows: Also available is a Cycles Management Menu which allows the cycle being performed to be stopped
temporarily, then resumed from the any point.
If an external alarm is triggered, the system will decelerate the motor being tested completely and
will release the brake only if the motor has reached the minimum rpm.

This device, which interfaces with the Compact-ACQ03
(Rpm-Torque-Power-Temp.-Press.) and Compact-ACQ04 (Hourly Consumption),
allows you to set up a complete microprocessor system for the management of your motor test room.
And by using this system, you can switch to our fully-compatible PC-based systems at anytime.